Last Chance to Get Free Lead Water Line Replacement 

MKS engineers going door to door
If you have not yet had your water service line tested... now is the time!

Over the last few years, the Town of Bennington has been working to replace all lead water service lines in the water system at no cost to the homeowner. While most properties have finished identifying their lines and many have already received a replacement, there are about 17% remaining that we haven’t been able to reach. This is the last chance for those properties to have this work done for free.
Over the next several weeks, notices will be posted at remaining properties with a time when MSK Engineers and the Town Department of Public Works will come to do a free test. If you are unavailable during the time listed, you can simply call to request a different time. This testing is free, and if a lead water service line is found, the line will be replaced for free… but only for a short time.
If you are not home or do not reply, you will lose the chance to have this testing and replacement done for you at no cost. This means that you would have to pay for this work yourself if lead is found in the future. Lead in drinking water is a serious health hazard and everyone should take advantage of this FREE opportunity while you still can.
If you are a renter and you receive a notice, please share this with your landlord. If you are available during door-to-door and allow MSK and the Town to do the test,the result will be shared with the property owner by mail.
MSK engineers and the Town of Benington DPW are working together on this effort. All will be wearing vests with MSK or Town logos and will carry photo identification. They will be driving in a Town of Bennington branded truck.
The Town will be placing notices beginning the week of January 30. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact MSK Engineers at 802-231-3277 or email