Town Vision

Town Vision Statement

Bennington is a welcoming, engaged, inclusive, and resilient community where everyone regardless of identity shares in our vitality and benefits from an outstanding quality of life. 

—Adopted by the Bennington Select Board August 24, 2020 

Town Vision and Police Mission Statement

Focus on Town Vision

In April 2021, the Select Board began sharing the Town Vision at the beginning of every Select Board meeting. In November 2021, the Community Policing standing agenda item was renamed Implementing the Town’s Vision to incorporate all the facets of community and board work currently underway.

Declaration of Inclusion

Following an introduction by the Bennington Rotary Club, the Select Board unanimously adopted the Declaration of Inclusion in October 2021 and established a working group including Tom Haley and Jeannie Jenkins to gather information on how to move the Declaration from words into action.

Thus far, the working group has had conversations with representatives from civic and business groups, school system, organizations focused on equity and inclusion, and staff from several Vermont towns. To date, input has been received from twenty different entities. The working group intends to update the full board and make recommendations in February or March of 2022.


Add Your Idea to the List

We would like to hear your ideas on how the Town can implement the goals laid out in the Declaration of Inclusion.

NOTE: We won’t include the name of an organization with a suggested idea, nor will we use names of individuals. All information other than the idea itself is for internal use only.

How can the Town implement the goals laid out in the Declaration of Inclusion?