Community Policing Advisory Review Board (CPARB)

Community Policing Efforts

CPARB 2023 Community Policing Advisory Board (CPARB) members. 
The Bennington Select Board, through its authority, hereby establishes a Town Board to be known as the Community Policing Advisory Review Board (CPARB), to provide meaningful involvement in safety, equity, and community policing efforts.

On June 29, 2023, the CPARB held its first community listening session on "what does community policing mean to you?" You can watch the meeting here:

A comment form to share your thoughts is located here. We hope to hear from you!

Since then, the CPARB had held additional listening sessions where they are going to various community groups and organizations to hear feedback. No cameras, simply an opportunity to speak openly with 2-3 members of the CPARB to  provide your thoughts and input.

Listening Sessions for 2024:
  • Bennington Free Library - Thurday June 13 • 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm 
  • Bennington Senior Center - Friday June 21 • 9:30 am to 11:00 am
If you would like the CPARB to come to your organization/group, please contact us using the information below.

To contact the CPARB, please call the town offices at 802-442-1037 to leave a message, or you can contact the CPARB chair, Kelly Carroll at

Through the creation of the CPARB, the Town of Bennington, its Police Department and the Select Board are committed to working with the entire community to ensure safety, accountability, transparency, and trust and to move Bennington toward achieving its vision of becoming “a welcoming, engaged, inclusive, and resilient community where everyone, regardless of identity, shares in our vitality and benefits from an outstanding quality of life”.

CPARB Meetings

Monthly meetings will be on the 3rd Thursdays of each month at Fire Facility from 6 pm - 8:30 pm except as otherwise noted. The Fire Facility is located at 130 River Street in Bennington, VT 05201. The meetings are in the multi-purpose room on the third floor. Access is around the back by the parking lot. View the municipal calendar.

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Committee Members

  • Kelly Carroll 6/2025, Chair person,
  • Scott Richmond 6/2025
  • Lindsay Brillon 6/2026
  • Kathleen A. Kost 6/2026
  • Vickie Lampron 6/2026
  • Eric Scott Frost 6/2027
  • Jeff Vickers 6/2027

Contact the CPARB
You may email the current chairperson, or you may also share your thoughts and comments using the form at the bottom of this page.

Composition and Eligibility of the CPARB

The CPARB will consist of at least five and as many as seven members from the community. Community is defined as a resident of the Town of Bennington, Old Bennington or North Bennington or someone who works or has demonstrated a significant (8 hours per week or more) commitment to volunteerism in Bennington. Members must be Vermont residents. You can learn more by reading the resolution creating the CPARB.

Open seats to the CPARB and any town board or commission are filled in June of each year. For more information on open seats and how to join visit our Get Involved page.


In partnership with the Select Board, Town of Bennington, and the Bennington Police Department (BPD), the CPARB has the following goals:

  • Recommendations on police department training and community collaboration efforts
  • Recommendation and review of proposed new and existing Bennington Police Department (BPD) policies and procedures
  • Review of anonymized data on complaints and compliments for the purposes of identifying problems, patterns, and positive actions.
  • Analysis of town-wide safety data with a focus on equity and areas of need
  • Comparison of local data to other Vermont municipalities, state and national trends
  • Fostering of collaborative efforts within the community to hear all voices
  • Work with the Select Board and Town staff, including the BPD, to promote learning on community safety and equity issues


In collaboration with the BPD, the CPARB will:

  • Review required training for the BPD and outcomes and make recommendations on additional areas for training such as de-escalation, fair and impartial policing, verbal, and non-verbal communication skills; implicit bias; and officer discretion.
  • Review existing collaborations with local organizations and agencies and make recommendations on ways to strengthen and develop additional working relationships between the BPD and the community.
  • Develop a database for analysis of anonymized compliments and complaints to be utilized by the CPARB for the purposes of identifying problems, patterns, and positive actions.
  • Provide an annual summary of data and trends relating to police policy and training; complaints and compliments; police/community collaborations, and CPARB education activities.
  • Undertake other activities consistent with the goals of the CPARB and this resolution as are authorized by law.

If you are looking for the form to file a complaint or compliment about the police department, please click here

CPARB Community Input Form