Skate Park Project

kid at skatepark
Bennington Skate Park Project Proposal

The Town of Bennington and the Bennington Skatepark Committee are planning a 16,000 square foot skatepark at Rotary Park in downtown Bennington. The skatepark will have a classic concrete "snake run", as well as multiple concrete bowls and features for skateboards, bicycles, and scooters. 

The park will be designed and built by GRINDLINE Skateparks, a company that has built award winning skateparks all over the USA, including the Manchester and Burlington skateparks. New lighting will improve security at the park and make it usable into the early evening hours. The park will also have additional benches and picnic tables for all ages to enjoy the space. 

Public Outreach

On March 28, 2022, community supporters presented to the Select Board on the idea of using ARPA funds to help fund the creation of a new Skate Park. Jim Carroll moved and Bruce Lee-Clark seconded to have Town Staff continue to work on the skate park concept at the Bennington Station parking lot. The motion carried unanimously.

On June 13, 2022, Geoff Metcalfe gave an update on the Skatepark project on behalf of community supporters. Bruce Lee-Clark moved and Sarah Perrin seconded for the Select Board to allocate up to $5,000 of ARPA Funding for the Skate Park design work and to obtain a designer. The motion carried unanimously.

On June 26, 2023, community supporters returned and shared a presentation with a design idea for a skate park. The conceptual plan is available here. You can also view a "fly through" of the design on YouTube by clicking here. The select board liked the design idea and requested that staff work with the skate park community supporters to develop a plan and establish what the costs might be. The community supporters will report back to the Select Board once that work is complete.

On October 9, 2023, community supporters returned to share a presentation with an update on the project. The slide deck from the presentation can be downloaded here.

Next steps that were approved by the Select Board on 10/09/23 are as as follows:
  • Select Board authorization of staff to continue to work with Skate Park Team and GRINDLINE to develop design and cost estimates
  • Selectboard release of up to $25,000 in ARPA funds for site and permitting analysis and fundraising consulting services 
  • Staff update within 90 days with results of site feasibility analysis, updated cost estimate and fundraising effort
The volunteer team heading up the effort has launched a website:

At the January 8, 2024, Select Board Meeting, a Skatepark Funding Update was given.
The Select Board voted to approve the following:
  • Approve fundraising strategy for Skatepark
  • Approve the municipal resolution for Downtown Transportation Fund Application
  • Authorize final design and permitting work
  • Commence fundraising campaign
  • Latest cost estimate for construction
To view the minutes and details, or to watch the video of the presentation, please visit the Select Board agendas and minutes page and choose January 8, 2024. You can download the slide deck from the presentation by clicking here

On June 24, 2024, an update on the Skatepark project was given at the Select Board Meeting
Details on the latest site and skatepark plans, review of fundraising efforts to date, and next steps including approval of designs and contract with Grindline. You can view the 06/24/24 presentation slide deck here. CORRECTIONS: The original slide deck on slide three missed the June 13, 2022 meeting on the timeline and had the $5,000 in ARPA funding listed in the March 22, 2022 meeting instead of June 13, 2022 and Grindline was specified as a vendor on October 9, 2023, not in June 26, 2023. A corrected slide deck is available here. To view a video of the meeting, visit the Select Board agendas page. After the presentation and questions and answers, the Select Board voted 6 to 1 in favor of authorizing the Town Manager to proceed with a construction contract with GRINDLINE for the creation of the new skate park. 

Materials for 06/24/24:

Funding for the Skatepark

Our fundraising goal is $900,000. One third of the cost will be covered by ARPA funds, and one third will be raised through crowdfunding and grants. Once those first two-thirds of the funding are in place, the Select Board has agreed to provide the remaining one third with funds raised from the "Penny for Parks" fund. No municipal tax dollars are included in the funding for construction, but the town will be responsible for maintaining the skate park once completed. The lifespan of parks of this type is around 40 years. The presentation on January 8, 2023 gives the breakdown and details on the latest cost estimates (see links above)

The crowdfunding and grant seeking portion of the fund raising has been completed successfully.

The crowdfunding campaign was sponsored by the Vermont Department of Housing and Community Development’s Better Places program and offered through the crowdfunding platform developed by Patronicity. The campaign is led by an all-volunteer Skate Park Committee with support from the Town of Bennington’s Office of Community Development.

When the campaign reached its $20,000.00 crowd funding goal by June 30, 2024 the "Bennington Skatepark Project” received a matching grant of $40,000 from DHCD’s Better Places program. Additional funding is being provided using ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) funds, Penny For Parks funds, and additional grants have been applied for.

We have just received word that a $200,000 grant from the Downtown Transportation Fund has been secured to support the project.