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Did you know that the National Maternal Mental Health Hotline offers a text messaging feature? If you prefer texting over talking on the phone, this may be the perfect option for you. Text 1-833-852-6262 to connect with a trained counselor who can provide support, resources, and information on maternal mental health. Whether you're a new or expecting parent, or supporting a friend, family member, client, or patient, the Hotline is here for you. Don't hesitate to reach out for help – The Hotline is just a text away. #MaternalMentalHealth #TLCMAMA
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Food Resources - This website is a helpful listing of where you can find FREE food in Bennington: hot meals, prepared foods, produce drops, food pantries, etc. on any day of the week.
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The Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program is administered by the Community Development Office, with funds previously provided to the municipality for housing revitalization efforts.  The purpose of this financial assis¬tance is to 1) ensure quality living conditions, 2) maintain or improve housing infrastructure, and 3) guarantee safe, decent, and sanitary housing conditions for low- and moderate-income residents in Bennington. All rehabilitation efforts must comply with all locally adopted housing codes, state statutes, the Vermont Energy Code, and in certain cases HUD Housing Quality Standards of the Section 8 Rental Assistance Program. Projects must provide housing to low- and moderate-income eligible individuals and families (defined as earning 80% or below the median income for the County).

Interest bearing loans are to be made both to qualified owner occupied and non-owner occupied property owners for projects suitable for rehabilitation and improvement as determined by the Town of Bennington’s Community Development Office.     

Download the Housing Rehabilitation Loan program description
Download the Housing Rehabilitation Loan application