Town DPW Crews Save Town Thousands

McKinley Street Sewer RepairWe are ready for snow, but until it arrives, our Department of Public Works (DPW) is finding plenty to do!

On McKinley Street, about 70 linear feet of an old clay sewer main failed. Highway, Sewer, and the Water Departments worked together to replace the main and two services. 

This project was difficult because the existing main is over 12’ deep. This was the fourth major sewer main repair our crews have done since last summer. 

DPW director RJ Joly noted, "I am often told by contractors and subcontractors that most towns, cities and states don’t do this type of work and we do better work than most."

We are very fortunate to have very talented employees that work for the Town! Their efforts saved the Town thousands of dollars repairing large projects as efficiently as any crew or business around. We are grateful to them, and to the community as a whole, for supporting the Town and the work we do.