Work on Greenview Drive to resolve sewer issue

new sewer line being installed
Sewer line fixed on Greenview Drive

Following a resident’s complaint of sewer blockage in the resident’s line, the Town investigation revealed a sag in the sewer line on Greenview Drive.

looking inside manholeThis sag, located below the resident’s home, lacked sufficient pitch when installed by the developer more than 30 years ago. The Town has concluded that without a full repair, the problems may develop once again.

Water needs to flow down hill, and the sag created a spot where sewage would not flow easily. This created serious problems for houses nearby. As a short term measure, crews have been jetting the line on a regular basis, but a permanent solution was needed.

The work happening now is to redo the sewer line. This means digging up the old pipe and laying new ones. Key to this work is using an in-pipe laser to get the correct angle or pitch. Ideally we would want a 1/4” pitch to the line, but in this case the best we can do is 1/8” — which will be a huge improvement. 

We appreciate the assistance of Herman Construction/Excavating and H&B Excavating for letting us use some of their equipment to do this work!