Town seeks Three for Boards and Commissions

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Town Seeks Three for Boards and Commissions

There are three available positions on two important Town Boards and Commissions; the Community Policing Advisory Review Board (CPARB) and the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC). Anyone interested in serving on a board and/or commission is encouraged to send a or a letter of intent to the Town office (address below) or email to stating which board or commission you are interested in serving on. The deadline for submitting a letter of intent is August 31, 2023.  
Serving on a board or commission is a great way to be directly involved in your town. Are you interested in community policing and improving trust and transparency between the police and the community? The CPARB might be an ideal place for you. Do you love history and architecture? The HPC could be just the place for your talents.

The Bennington Select Board established the Community Policing Advisory Review Board (CPARB), to provide meaningful community involvement in safety, equity, and community policing efforts. Through the creation of the CPARB, the Town of Bennington, its Police Department and the Select Board are committed to working with the entire community to ensure safety, accountability, transparency, and trust and to move Bennington toward achieving its vision of becoming “a welcoming, engaged, inclusive, and resilient community where everyone, regardless of identity, shares in our vitality and benefits from an outstanding quality of life”. To be eligible to sit on the CPARB, one must be a resident of the Town of Bennington, Old Bennington or North Bennington or someone who works or has demonstrated a significant (8 hours per week or more) commitment to volunteerism in Bennington. All members must be Vermont residents. In collaboration with the Bennington Police Department (BPD), the Bennington Select Board, and town staff, this Board will make recommendations on police training and community collaboration efforts, review proposed policies and procedures of the BPD, review anonymized data on complaints and compliments, analyze data focused on equity and areas of need and compare it to other local, state, and national trends, and foster collaborative efforts with the community. Two positions are open on the CPARB – one to fill an unexpired term ending in June 2024; the other would be a three-year term expiring in June 2026. Meetings are held monthly, but additional training is required and provided for all members on this board. Learn more about the CPARB by visiting their web page at:

The Historic Preservation Commission’s (HPC) main role is planning and advocating for the protection and appreciation of Bennington’s historic and architecturally significant resources. Their primary tasks involve reviewing applications for signage and facade changes within the Downtown Historic District. They also provide technical assistance, education and guidance as needed in planning and preserving all historic resources within Bennington. The HPC serves as an advisory commission to the Development Review Board, Planning Commission and Select Board. All members shall have a demonstrated interest, competence, or knowledge in historic preservation. A majority of its members must reside in the Town of Bennington. To the extent available, at least a majority of the members shall be professionals from the disciplines of history, archeology, architectural history, architecture and historical architecture.  Members representing other history preservation related disciplines such as urban planning, American studies, American civilization, cultural geography or cultural anthology, and lay members are encouraged. One position is open on this commission to fill an unexpired term ending in June 2024. Meetings are held once a month. Learn more about the HPC by visiting their web page at:
To be considered for appointment to the CPARB or HPC, email or mail a letter of intent to the Town Manager Stuart Hurd noting which commission or board you are interested in serving on. You can email or send a letter to: Bennington Town Office, c/o Stuart Hurd, 205 south Street, Bennington, VT 05201. Remember to act soon… the deadline for submitting your letter of intent is August 31, 2023.