Policies & Procedures

The Town of Bennington, its police department, and Select Board, all support the philosophy of community policing and are working together with the community to develop a clearer picture of what that should look like in our town.

To further that effort, the Select Board hired a Community Policing Consultant, Curtiss Reed executive director of the Vermont Partnership for Fairness and Diversity, in May of 2020. That led to a series of public meetings, the creation of a new Town of Bennington vision and Bennington Police Department mission statements, and the creation of a Community Policing Advisory Review Board. That work has resulted in the updating of numerous police policies through a process that included dozens of members of the community in collaboration with the Select Board and Police Department that have now been completed and are available here.

On January 23, 2023, the Select Board approved a new policy regarding Quality Control, Internal Investigations, and Discipline. The Police Department worked with the Community Policing Advisory Review Board (CPARB) to develop a procedure to implement the policy. The policy is now posted on this page.

What is the difference between a policy and a procedure?
A policy is the idea we want to accomplish. The procedure is the specific details on what will be done to implement the policy.