Town Pool Upgrade



A major overhaul at Rec Center pool — just in time!

Timing is everything. The Town is working with the Carpenter Group and a number of local sub contractors to do a major overhaul of the drain system for the Town pool. And the timing could not be better… as feared, the existing drains were just about ready to fail, so making this fix now prevented what could have been catastrophic if left unattended.

Planning for redoing the drains has been in the works for a while and the end cost will be about $65,000. “The old wall drains were made of cast iron and really starting to degrade” says Mark Sawyer, Assistant Director of Facilities. “Moving the drains to the floor instead of the wall will be much safer and better for avoiding structural problems in the future.”

It’s a big job… removing old drains, concrete cutting through the floor and walls to the filter room, new drains and piping, then pressure testing, new concrete, re-tiling, and finally a special acid wash of everything in preparation of refilling the pool. The total time for completing the work is estimated to be about a month.