New Electric Mower


New electric mower in use!

The town is now actively using its new electric Green Machine “Rival” mower around Bennington. This is part of the overall effort to both reduce the carbon footprint of the community and save money on fuel and maintenance at the same time.

The town is responsible for mowing a lot of lawns. “This seems to do really well in terms of battery use” notes Chris, who works on the Buildings and Grounds team. “I’ve already done the entire Epstein field and I’m still at 92%.”

One possible issue is how well it can handle thick, wet, grass. “We did have an issue with grass clumping up inside” notes Mark Sawyer, assistant director of Buildings and Grounds, “though we are not sure if it was due to it being a rear-discharge style mower versus a side discharge like the gas powered mowers.”