New Town Bridge Crew Update

bridge crew casting concrete
The new Town Bridge Crew has been busy!

Under the leadership of Steve Tatro, the crew which includes Ryan Mayhew and Colby Granger, has built custom forms to cast the new bridge deck panels for the Morgan Street Extension bridge repair. These photos show the crew pouring concrete into the forms, as well as an image of two concrete bridge deck panels that they have already built.

A road closure is planned for July 1 to work on the bridge, so plan to use alternate routes during those repairs. We provide a report on work being done each week on the town website under Public Notices and we share that info on Facebook as well.
We are lucky to have the people with the skills to do this! Under Steve’s supervision, we are training our other crew members to expand the pool of knowledge throughout the team. Our director of the Public Works Department, RJ Joly, estimates that by doing this work ourselves, we save 70% off what we would have to pay to hire a vendor to do the same work.
THANK YOU for your patience and understanding as we do needed maintenance on our roads and bridges! And a friendly reminder… if you are driving past where our Town crews are working… please remember to slow down to keep everyone safe!