New Hunt Street / Benmont Avenue Intersection Under Construction

hunt street construction
Big improvements underway for the Hunt Street and Benmont Intersection!

We are making this area safer for vehicles and pedestrians... please help keep our Town workers safe as you travel through the construction area. Slow down! And take note that we have moved the lanes using cones to allow for room to do our work. Please stay in your lane and use caution when traveling through the area.

You can view details on the entire project on the Documents and Reports page on the Town website.
Other than the slip curbing, this entire job is being done by our Town crews which means huge savings for the community when we do it ourselves. We are very fortunate to have dedicated and skilled employees who can do this work!

We are grateful to everyone for their patience while this project is underway, especially to our local businesses who are being affected. We really appreciate your understanding... thank you!
hunt street workers