Community Development Office Oversees $9.5 Million in Grants to Town Over Five Years

In the past five years, $9.5 million in grant funding has flowed through the Town’s Community Development Office for projects that improve the Bennington community.

Putnam BlockThe Office of Community Development provides oversight of the municipality’s efforts related to the advancement of the Bennington community in the areas of public health, recreation, the arts, housing, and economic vitality. The Town’s Community Development Director works in the spirit of the Town’s mission, which is Serving People Through Teamwork, and towards the Town’s vision to improve the quality of life for our residents.

The Community Development Director administers the Town’s Revolving Loan Programs and Marketing Program, identifies grant opportunities, writes grant applications that align with the Town’s development goals, manages grant funding, and is the Town’s liaison to state and federal agencies related to community and economic development. 

Here is where those 9.5 million in funds have gone: $4.5 million to economic development projects, $4.1 million to housing developments, $710,000 to recreation improvements, $110,000 to COVID relief, and $80,000 to municipal planning efforts. 

During this same five year period, the Community Development Office has also overseen $1.1 million in loans to local businesses and housing developers through the Town’s revolving loan program.

By maximizing the grant funds coming to our Town, we are able to keep municipal taxes as low as possible while still forging ahead with needed projects that benefit everyone in our community.